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7 Secrets of the Power BI Line Chart

7 Secrets of the Line Chart

The line chart is the go-to chart type to visualise data over time. Typically, this visual is used to analyse your data by year, quarter, month or by day. It should be an easy thing to do to create a line chart that plots your data in the way you want. But beware, there are secrets lurking behind the benign line chart! Here are my top seven. #1 There Are Two Different Types of X-Axis The default x-axis, along the… Read More

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The Benefits of Online Training for Businesses

Offering your staff training courses to improve their skills can be extremely beneficial to your business; not only will it allow you to improve your offering to your customers, but it also gives staff a huge morale boost. In this current climate, traditional classroom training is not possible, but online training has become increasingly popular. Our usual Power BI training in London can’t run at the moment but we are proud to be able to offer Live Online Power BI… Read More

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Live Online Power BI Training from Burningsuit

We have many years' experience of training people how to use Microsoft Power BI. Up to now our training has all been face-to-face, either as open public courses in London or private on-site training. Obviously due to the current coronavirus restrictions this type of course is not possible, so we're launching Live Online PowerBI training. Having had experience in online training in the past we're confident that this will provide a first-class learning experience in these difficult times. What is… Read More

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Power BI Conditional Formatting

I thought this would be an easy blog. Not much to say about using Power BI's Conditional Formatting. All it does is make visuals look more appealing by using pretty colours based on the data's values. How wrong I was! In fact there's so much to say that I've had to resort to a mini contents page using outline numbering and links to the relevant paragraphs. In fact, just like the old days of writing user manuals! So here goes… Read More

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Why Power BI Training Courses in London Could Benefit You

Power BI is an essential tool that many businesses use to get insightful reports on a range of different important metrics. Whilst it’s extremely useful, it has a lot of functions that can be complicated to initially understand. Attending a Power BI training course can be extremely beneficial and help you and your team to improve on your skills and data analysis. At Burningsuit, we run a range of public courses in London across the year to help users of… Read More

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Enable the new Ribbon Menu in Power BI Desktop

I've made a quick video to show how you can enable the new Ribbon Menu in Power BI Desktop. In the February 2020 version of Power BI Desktop this is still a "preview" feature, so you need to enable the preview to see it. However this new menu is expected to be on general release sometime in March this year, so it's probably a good thing to enable this menu now and get used to it before the March update… Read More

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Categorising Measures into Numeric Ranges or “Bins”

We've often been asked if it's possible to group the results of a DAX measure into numeric ranges. For example, to group a Total Sales measure for each Customer into various numeric ranges, sometimes referred to as "bins". The answer is, yes it is, as you can see from the screenshot below:- In this screenshot, we can see that we have five customers whose Total Sales fall between 150,000 and 199,999 in 2019. How did I do this? Firstly, my… Read More

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The Key Influencers Visual Versus Strictly Come Dancing

The Key Influencers visual, introduced in February 2019, is Microsoft's first visual that uses "Machine Learning" to identify factors that influence the outcome of a particular metric. "Wow", I thought! The idea of leaving Power BI to do all the hard work in analysing my data seemed too irresistible to ignore, so I gave way to temptation and decided to give it a go. On the one hand, it's a very simple visual to construct (it only has 3 buckets;… Read More

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Strictly Come Dancing Series 17; Report Version 2 is Here!

As I keep telling people and as I've said in previous blogs, I'm not a "Strictly" fan, I just happen to love the data and all the insights into it that Power BI can give you. So it had to be done; to update the report to include analysis for the latest series; Series 17. I've also taken the opportunity to completely re-vamp the original and many of the existing pages have been re-designed. I've added quite a few new… Read More