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DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a library of functions used across Microsoft SQL, including Excel and Power BI. These operators can be combined to perform a range of actions, through building expressions and formulas.

Here is how to use DAX in Power BI to create a slicer to select different measures in a chart, using our experience as training providers:

Using a slicer to select different measures on a chart

What if you want to use a slicer to select different measures that can then be shown in a chart? This example will show you how to complete this task.

For example, I want a chart to visually show both my Total Sales for this year and my Total Sales for the same period the previous year. At the same time, I also want to be able to choose which I show in the visual, as shown below.

All data

All data screenshot

Filtered to Same Period Last Year

Filtered to Same Period LY screenshot

Filtered to Total Sales

Filtered to Total Sales screenshot

To do this, create a table (using the Enter Data option on the Home tab) and in the first column list the values to show in the slicer. I’ve called this column “Select Measure”.

In the second column just give these values as a number. I’ve called my table “SlicerTable”.


For each measure, you want to filter using the slicer (in my case the measures are called “TotalSales” with no space and “SamePLY”). Create an associated “slicer measure”, using the values you entered in the first column of your table as the measure names, as follows.

Total sales filter screenshot

Same period filter screenshot

Now create a slicer that holds the “Select Measure” column from the SlicerTable and use these measures in the Chart Visual.

Chart visual

Want to learn more about using DAX and Power BI?

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