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It’s Complicated – Dealing with Many to Many Relationships in Power BI

If you're building a DataModel in Power BI, and creating relationships between tables you may have come upon this message. What the heck does "Cardinality Many-Many" mean? And what is the "Significantly different behaviour" they're warning me about here? In this post I set out to find out what these Many-to-Many relationships mean and how they work. The answer is complicated, but worth understanding if you want to create efficient data models in Power BI. Two Types of Many-to-Many Relationship… Read More

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Learning Power BI in Practice

Case Study: Power BI Training with Harmonic Ltd

In 2018 we were booked for an on-site Power BI course with Harmonic Ltd after several of their team members attended our public course in London. Following the private course, they have been in touch with the prospect of booking onto more courses. Find out the difference between our public and private course options here. About Harmonic Ltd Based in Ilminster, Somerset, Harmonic Ltd are a managing consultancy firm working with some of the UK’s largest businesses. They provide effective… Read More

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The “Strictly” Report: Insights into the Data

Alison Box, one of our Directors and Trainers, details how she used Power BI to bring her Strictly statistics to life. In my previous blog, “The Strictly Report: Behind the Scenes”, I explained how I imported the data, cleaned and re-structured it. The next question was how was I going to explore all this data to get meaningful insights. Would I ever get to answer the “contestant journey” question that had prompted me to create the report in the first… Read More

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Excel Learning Power BI in Practice Power BI Resources
Strictly Results

The “Strictly” Report: Behind the Scenes

We speak to Alison Box about how she gathered the data to create The Strictly Report. Contrary to what people might think, I’m not a raving Strictly Come Dancing fan. I find the first weeks of the competition quite entertaining when they stumble around, but when they get good it all gets a bit boring and samey. However, there’s one question regarding “Strictly” that has always intrigued me; for those that get to the final, how has their “journey” differed… Read More

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Learning Training
Training Microsoft Power BI

The Difference Between Public and Private Courses

At Burningsuit Ltd we run several different courses across the year training attendees on the fundamentals of Microsoft Power BI. We have monthly public courses running in London that anyone can sign up to join, and we also hold private, onsite courses that are specifically for your business and team members. It can be difficult to know what is the best option for your company, so below we have listed some of the benefits and finer details of what each… Read More

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Invest in training in Power BI for your team

Training your team is vital to ensure their skills are up to scratch, as well as ensuring that everything in your business is running as smoothly as possible. When it comes to Power BI, it is a very powerful system and training your staff members how to utilise it to its full potential is vital to get the best return on the investment you have made in software licences and business time. Discover here how training your team in Power… Read More

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Case Study DAX Learning Power BI Resources Training

Case Study: Training Heathrow Airport Staff

Heathrow Airport is the UK’s largest airport, serving 204 destinations in 85 different countries and with 78 million passengers passing through the airport in 2017. Burningsuit have been providing Power BI Training and Consultancy to Heathrow Airport since August 2017. Heathrow Airport approached us after two of their staff members attended one of our Public Microsoft Power BI Service Courses in London in August 2017 and found the training useful and appropriate. Following this, Heathrow decided to book several on-site… Read More

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Power BI

DAX: How to use a slicer to select different measures

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a library of functions used across Microsoft SQL, including Excel and Power BI. These operators can be combined to perform a range of actions, through building expressions and formulas. Here is how to use DAX in Power BI to create a slicer to select different measures in a chart, using our experience as training providers: Using a slicer to select different measures on a chart What if you want to use a slicer to select… Read More

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Power BI

How to Use Power BI Bookmarks & New Features

Recently, a range of new features have been added to Power BI. From a user point of view, some of the most interesting are bookmarks, selections, links and hidden pages. These give much greater control over how users can interact with reports. Burningsuit Ltd Managing Director Stuart Box has created a guide and example uses for each feature to help you get to grips with what is possible: Activate Bookmarks Currently (February 2018) Bookmarks are still in Preview in Power… Read More

By Stuart Box

FAQ Learning Training

Six questions to answer before you book training

I've blogged before about the questions to ask a potential Training Provider, but I thought I'd list six questions that any Company or Organisation that seriously wants to get the best out of Training should be asking before going ahead. Of course, there's a dual benefit here, the answers to these questions will help you understand your Training need, and also help any Training company understand just what you want. It's very common that a department, group, or individual will… Read More