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What is the difference between BI reports and dashboards?

There is a misconception that the Power BI report is a detailed tabular report and that the dashboard is an interactive visualisations with charts. This isn’t the case and in order to build effective power BI solutions, you will need to understand the differences, and in a way that can help you to leverage their unique powers to the greatest possible effect. After the February 2018 update to Power BI Service, both Reports and Dashboards can be shared. It’s a… Read More

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Power BI in Practice
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How to Use Power BI Bookmarks & New Features

Recently, a range of new features have been added to Power BI. From a user point of view, some of the most interesting are bookmarks, selections, links and hidden pages. These give much greater control over how users can interact with reports. Burningsuit Ltd Managing Director Stuart Box has created a guide and example uses for each feature to help you get to grips with what is possible: Activate Bookmarks Currently (February 2018) Bookmarks are still in Preview in Power… Read More

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Quick Measures or Quick Fix – are Power BI’s Quick Measures up to the mark?

Hey Excel users, anyone remember this? Yes, it’s the now defunct “Lookup Wizard” which, according the MSDN Library entry of January 1996, “…helps Excel users create lookup formulas quickly. Even expert users will find the Wizard’s lookup formulas useful in advanced spreadsheet and application development projects” Well, this was obviously not the case or else this “useful” wizard would still be with us today.  What “expert” Excel user can’t construct a simple Vlookup or even use the fiddly Index/Match combo?… Read More

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Power BI preview

Last week Microsoft made several important announcements about Power BI, you can read the whole thing on the Microsoft Official Blog I've taken a look at what this means for those of us in the UK working with Power BI. It's always interesting working with the latest version of Microsoft's new tools, but sometimes you have to tread a little carefully. First Things First - A Price Cut Probably the most important thing for those contemplating Power BI, or those already using… Read More