By Stuart Box

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Power BI Licences, what is Premium Per User ?

My blog post "Power BI Free vs Pro and Premium", detailing the differences between the Power BI licences is extremely popular. It seems many people want to know how the licensing works. In truth it's fairly simple, Free gives you most facilities, but not sharing, Pro allows sharing with other Pro users and gives the main facilities most users need, and Premium is for large organisations with Big Data and a large number of users who can then user Free… Read More

By Stuart Box

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Sentiment Analysis in Power BI, analyse text reviews and a Premium tip.

Power BI is great at analysing numeric data. Numbers like values, costs, stock holdings and averages can all be worked up into informative charts and visualisations. But what if your data isn't like that? What if your data is more textual, like product reviews, staff evaluations or survey results? How can you visualise that data with Power BI ? This post explains how you can work with that sort of data in Power BI using the AI Insights in Power… Read More