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The Benefits of Online Training for Businesses

Offering your staff training courses to improve their skills can be extremely beneficial to your business; not only will it allow you to improve your offering to your customers, but it also gives staff a huge morale boost. In this current climate, traditional classroom training is not possible, but online training has become increasingly popular. Our usual Power BI training in London can’t run at the moment but we are proud to be able to offer Live Online Power BI… Read More

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Why Power BI Training Courses in London Could Benefit You

Power BI is an essential tool that many businesses use to get insightful reports on a range of different important metrics. Whilst it’s extremely useful, it has a lot of functions that can be complicated to initially understand. Attending a Power BI training course can be extremely beneficial and help you and your team to improve on your skills and data analysis. At Burningsuit, we run a range of public courses in London across the year to help users of… Read More

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Top 10 Power BI Desktop Annoyances

You know that moment when you're using Power BI Desktop and you start swearing under your breath? I have to admit I don't often do this but when I do, boy do some things annoy me! So just to get things off my chest and have a good old rant, I've listed my top 10 annoyances in Power BI Desktop and notice I haven't even mentioned the ridiculously small default font used by visuals.Read More→ Read More

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Our Autumn Training Schedule

We have released the schedule of our Power BI and DAX training for the last part of this year. Our courses cater for all levels of Power BI users, from the Fundamentals course which offers a good introduction to creating and sharing Reports and Dashboards with Power BI, our Advanced Power BI course which takes things to the next level with a closer look at the Data Model and advanced topics such as Row Level Security, and our DAX course… Read More

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Level Up! Take your Power BI Skills to the next level with Advanced Training

This week we're delighted to announce the availability of our new advanced Power BI courses. We offer a full range of courses to take users from their first look a Power BI to advanced topics such as Apps, Row-Level-Security and CALCULATE and FILTER in DAX. Read this post to find out about these new courses and see which one is right for you.Read More→ Read More

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The Difference Between Public and Private Courses

At Burningsuit Ltd we run several different courses across the year training attendees on the fundamentals of Microsoft Power BI. We have monthly public courses running in London that anyone can sign up to join, and we also hold private, onsite courses that are specifically for your business and team members. It can be difficult to know what is the best option for your company, so below we have listed some of the benefits and finer details of what each… Read More

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Invest in training in Power BI for your team

Training your team is vital to ensure their skills are up to scratch, as well as ensuring that everything in your business is running as smoothly as possible. When it comes to Power BI, it is a very powerful system and training your staff members how to utilise it to its full potential is vital to get the best return on the investment you have made in software licences and business time. Discover here how training your team in Power… Read More

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Case Study: Training Heathrow Airport Staff

Heathrow Airport is the UK’s largest airport, serving 204 destinations in 85 different countries and with 78 million passengers passing through the airport in 2017. Burningsuit have been providing Power BI Training and Consultancy to Heathrow Airport since August 2017. Heathrow Airport approached us after two of their staff members attended one of our Public Microsoft Power BI Service Courses in London in August 2017 and found the training useful and appropriate. Following this, Heathrow decided to book several on-site… Read More

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How to Use Power BI Bookmarks & New Features

Recently, a range of new features have been added to Power BI. From a user point of view, some of the most interesting are bookmarks, selections, links and hidden pages. These give much greater control over how users can interact with reports. Burningsuit Ltd Managing Director Stuart Box has created a guide and example uses for each feature to help you get to grips with what is possible: Activate Bookmarks Currently (February 2018) Bookmarks are still in Preview in Power… Read More