By Alison Box

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Top 10 Power BI Desktop Annoyances

You know that moment when you're using Power BI Desktop and you start swearing under your breath? I have to admit I don't often do this but when I do, boy do some things annoy me! So just to get things off my chest and have a good old rant, I've listed my top 10 annoyances in Power BI Desktop and notice I haven't even mentioned the ridiculously small default font used by visuals.Read More→ Read More

By Stuart Box

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Our Autumn Training Schedule

We have released the schedule of our Power BI and DAX training for the last part of this year. Our courses cater for all levels of Power BI users, from the Fundamentals course which offers a good introduction to creating and sharing Reports and Dashboards with Power BI, our Advanced Power BI course which takes things to the next level with a closer look at the Data Model and advanced topics such as Row Level Security, and our DAX course… Read More

By Stuart Box

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Level Up! Take your Power BI Skills to the next level with Advanced Training

This week we're delighted to announce the availability of our new advanced Power BI courses. We offer a full range of courses to take users from their first look a Power BI to advanced topics such as Apps, Row-Level-Security and CALCULATE and FILTER in DAX. Read this post to find out about these new courses and see which one is right for you.Read More→ Read More

By Alison Box

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It’s Complicated – Dealing with Many to Many Relationships in Power BI

If you're building a DataModel in Power BI, and creating relationships between tables you may have come upon this message. What the heck does "Cardinality Many-Many" mean? And what is the "Significantly different behaviour" they're warning me about here? In this post I set out to find out what these Many-to-Many relationships mean and how they work. The answer is complicated, but worth understanding if you want to create efficient data models in Power BI. Two Types of Many-to-Many Relationship… Read More

By Stuart Box

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The Filter Pane Pain in Power BI

The July 2019 update to Power BI is now out, you can get all the details from Microsoft here. As usual there are a list of new features and tools released in the product. One of the main updates is the release of the new Filter Pane. Existing reports can upgrade to the new pane through the Options dialog, but any new reports should automatically have the new pane on by default. The Filter Pane is a new way of… Read More

By Stuart Box

Microsoft Power BI in Practice

Joke’s Over – send Email to users when refresh fails

I do a lot of Power BI Training, and have been doing it since Power BI came out over three years ago. So to keep myself fresh, amuse myself and hopefully my delegates, I've built several "Jokes" into my Power BI training. But now with the latest update to the Power BI service one of my favourite gags has been stopped. The joke used to go like this. The Tale I'm an Office 365 users, that means my Email, Diary,… Read More

By Alison Box

Learning Power BI in Practice

Understanding the “Analytics” Lines in Power BI

In our Power BI training courses, I show people how to add a Constant Line to a clustered column chart by using the Analytics section of the Visualizations pane.  I then explain that the other Analytical lines (Max, Min, Average etc) are “calculations across the totals”.  But what do I actually mean by this; what are these calculations?  I do feel that these Analytics Lines deserve a much better explanation so now is the time to turn the spotlight on… Read More

By Burningsuit


Burningsuit Featured at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit

This week, the Burningsuit team were delighted to attend the Microsoft Business Applications Summit which took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The summit featured many insightful talks, training sessions and updates about the Power BI platform. Keep an eye out for our next blog post that will be an in-depth look at the two day event and everything that we experienced and learnt. For now, discover why this summit is so important for our industry and our main highlight from the… Read More

By Alison Box

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Best and Worst: Two approaches to finding Top or Bottom N Percent using DAX

Ever wanted to find which are your best or worst customers or best or worst products by a metric such as Total Sales? Finding a simple TopN or BottomN (e.g. Top 10 Customers) in Power BI Desktop couldn't be easier; just use the TopN Filter:- But what about finding Top 10 Percent of a value like Total Sales? As the number of our customers or our products grows over time, finding a simple Top 10 or Bottom 10 of a… Read More

By Alison Box

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7 Secrets of the Matrix Visual

Some of you Excel users may have realised that the Power BI Matrix visual is just an Excel Pivot Table by another term. You even get buckets for “Rows”, “Columns” and “Values” just like constructing an Excel Pivot Table. The temptation is to think this is all the Matrix visual can do; act like, well, a typical Pivot Table: -   However, depending on your knowledge of Excel Pivot tables, you’ll know that if the Matrix is just like an… Read More