By Stuart Box

Microsoft Power BI in Practice

Where’s “Shared With Me” Gone ?

Are you working on Power BI and asking the same question ? Has your "Shared with me" folder in Power BI Service gone walkabout, or are you missing your "Favourites" star ? Has the side menu in Power BI service changed for you or your colleagues but not for everyone? If so, I have the explanation and can also tell you how to set things back to as they were so that everyone sees the same things again. Shared with… Read More

By Stuart Box

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Taking a look at the Power BI Building Blocks

I've just posted a new video over on our YouTube Channel. In our Training we often get questions about the structure of Power BI, how do Dataflows and Datasets fit together, when do I need a Gateway, and how does automatic refresh work with these structures? The answer is that it's complicated. Power BI is growing and now there are many ways to connect, store and report on data. So I thought the best way to explain this was with… Read More

By Stuart Box

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Power BI Licences, what is Premium Per User ?

My blog post "Power BI Free vs Pro and Premium", detailing the differences between the Power BI licences is extremely popular. It seems many people want to know how the licensing works. In truth it's fairly simple, Free gives you most facilities, but not sharing, Pro allows sharing with other Pro users and gives the main facilities most users need, and Premium is for large organisations with Big Data and a large number of users who can then user Free… Read More

By Alison Box

DAX Microsoft Power BI in Practice

The Key Influencers Visual Versus Strictly Come Dancing

The Key Influencers visual, introduced in February 2019, is Microsoft's first visual that uses "Machine Learning" to identify factors that influence the outcome of a particular metric. "Wow", I thought! The idea of leaving Power BI to do all the hard work in analysing my data seemed too irresistible to ignore, so I gave way to temptation and decided to give it a go. On the one hand, it's a very simple visual to construct (it only has 3 buckets;… Read More

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Burningsuit Featured at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit

This week, the Burningsuit team were delighted to attend the Microsoft Business Applications Summit which took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The summit featured many insightful talks, training sessions and updates about the Power BI platform. Keep an eye out for our next blog post that will be an in-depth look at the two day event and everything that we experienced and learnt. For now, discover why this summit is so important for our industry and our main highlight from the… Read More

By Burningsuit

Excel Microsoft

Microsoft Excel: Why you Need to be an Expert!

Microsoft Excel is one of the most well known and used computer programs in the world. Whilst you probably know the basics of how to use it, there are many benefits to undergoing training and improving your knowledge and skills. Discover our top reasons why you need to become an expert in Excel. Improve your day-to-day work life In the majority of office jobs, there is at least some need to use Microsoft Excel, from HR tasks to big data… Read More

By Burningsuit

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Power BI

Why Power BI is the future of Excel

Microsoft’s Power BI is powerful and easy to use, and with new features being added every week, it is fast becoming the future for business analysis. Excel formulas and pivot tables may well be the most popular programming language in the world, and the addition of tools like Power Query, Power Pivot, Power Map, and Power View mean you can connect to, clean, remove duplicates and transform almost any data you have. We have discussed the benefits of Power BI… Read More

By Burningsuit

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Power BI

Power BI vs Tableau: Five reasons Power BI wins

When it comes to business intelligence tools there is no doubt that the two front-runners are Power BI and Tableau. With both of them being very similar products, it can be tricky to choose which one is best for you. It would be easy for us to simply say that Power BI trumps Tableau and you shouldn’t even consider Tableau as an option, but the truth is the best product very much depends on you, your organisation, budget and your intended use… Read More

By Stuart Box

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Theme Colours in Power BI

The March update to Power BI has added a host of new features, take a look here to see them all. One preview feature we've been waiting for is the ability to use "Theme Colours", packages of colour themes for charts and graphs. So now we can customise our Dashboards and Reports to use corporate colours, highlight particular data sets, or just get some differentiation by using some funky colours. One slight downside to this is that the themes are… Read More

By Stuart Box

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The great Office 365 Turn Off

After nearly twelve years I've finally been able to turn our Server off, permanently! Most businesses need a server, something that collects and redistributes email, stores files, manages users and communications, stuff like that, and we are no exception. Our first server, way back in 2000 was a second-hand laptop, running Linux that ran "sendmail" and other arcane Linux applications. That "server" sat in the loft and just about managed our email and internet. Back in those days, we had a… Read More