By Alan Harman-Box

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Getting formatted text into your Power BI reports

Hi I'm Alan, a new name here at Burningsuit and this is the first of what I hope will be many Blog posts from me. Recently I was talking with a client who wanted Narrative Text on their Report, so I started looking at the options. Of course there's always the trusty Text Box option straight from Power BI's Insert menu – there are plenty of formatting options in there and that may well suit your needs. But what if… Read More

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By Stuart Box

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Far upstream in Sussex

Where do I make data transformations in Power BI ? Roche’s Maxim

When we're Training on Power BI a frequent question we get is "I need to make changes to my data for reporting, where is the best place to do that, in the Data Model with DAX, or in Power Query?" The answer is, as ever "It depends". To answer the question properly, we need to understand where we can make data changes in Power BI, then I can introduce a maxim that explains the best place to make those changes.… Read More

By Stuart Box

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Power BI Composite models – what’s the big deal ?

In December 2020, Microsoft launched a preview feature in Power BI they called "DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Analysis Services". Most of the Power BI community had heard of this as "composite models" and were looking forward to getting it. Marco Russo, co-author of "The Definitive Guide to DAX" called it "The holy grail of business intelligence for 20 years. The ultimate feature of semantic models." Over at Power BI tips they were equally effusive saying "Microsoft has done… Read More

By Stuart Box

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Power BI Licences, what is Premium Per User ?

My blog post "Power BI Free vs Pro and Premium", detailing the differences between the Power BI licences is extremely popular. It seems many people want to know how the licensing works. In truth it's fairly simple, Free gives you most facilities, but not sharing, Pro allows sharing with other Pro users and gives the main facilities most users need, and Premium is for large organisations with Big Data and a large number of users who can then user Free… Read More

By Stuart Box

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Our Autumn Training Schedule

We have released the schedule of our Power BI and DAX training for the last part of this year. Our courses cater for all levels of Power BI users, from the Fundamentals course which offers a good introduction to creating and sharing Reports and Dashboards with Power BI, our Advanced Power BI course which takes things to the next level with a closer look at the Data Model and advanced topics such as Row Level Security, and our DAX course… Read More

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The “Strictly” Report: Insights into the Data

Alison Box, one of our Directors and Trainers, details how she used Power BI to bring her Strictly statistics to life. In my previous blog, “The Strictly Report: Behind the Scenes”, I explained how I imported the data, cleaned and re-structured it. The next question was how was I going to explore all this data to get meaningful insights. Would I ever get to answer the “contestant journey” question that had prompted me to create the report in the first… Read More

By Burningsuit

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Strictly Results

The “Strictly” Report: Behind the Scenes

We speak to Alison Box about how she gathered the data to create The Strictly Report. Contrary to what people might think, I’m not a raving Strictly Come Dancing fan. I find the first weeks of the competition quite entertaining when they stumble around, but when they get good it all gets a bit boring and samey. However, there’s one question regarding “Strictly” that has always intrigued me; for those that get to the final, how has their “journey” differed… Read More

By Burningsuit

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Burningsuit Strictly Come Dancing

Power BI – Strictly Come Dancing, the Results

Power BI is a very powerful tool that is able to extract and analyse a wide range of data and produce easy to understand interactive dashboards and reports. With that in mind, we have put together a report that collates a range of different data from the popular TV programme, Strictly Come Dancing! Strictly Come Dancing in Power BI What our report includes Our report analyses a range of data, such as: “Does Craig really give the lowest scores?” “How… Read More

By Burningsuit

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Invest in training in Power BI for your team

Training your team is vital to ensure their skills are up to scratch, as well as ensuring that everything in your business is running as smoothly as possible. When it comes to Power BI, it is a very powerful system and training your staff members how to utilise it to its full potential is vital to get the best return on the investment you have made in software licences and business time. Discover here how training your team in Power… Read More

By Burningsuit

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Power BI Dashboard 1

Data Visualisation Tools: 4 Creative and Inspirational Dashboard Examples

Power BI is a useful tool in a wide range of fields and industries because its dashboards and reporting functionalities can be tailored and implemented to reflect your company’s exact requirements. With this being the case, there are some really unique and useful dashboards out there with some of the best being found in the Power BI Data Stories Gallery. We spoke to our Director, Stuart Box, who has put together a guide of useful elements to consider when creating… Read More