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By Stuart Box

DAX Power BI in Practice

Why does the world need another DAX book ?” was my first question to Alison when she told me she’d written guide to the DAX language in Power BI.

Well, I’ve written the guide that I wish had been around when I was first learning DAX, aimed at Excel users of varying levels of ability“. Was her reply. “You see many Excel users would struggle to construct an “IF” formula, let alone know what VLOOKUP stands for. These are often very skilled people in other walks of life but when learning DAX and starting from zero, there is a mountain of a learning curve to climb to even get to the DAX SUMX function, let alone CALCULATE.

What you see in “The Concise Guide to DAX” is the outcome of many years’ experience of explaining difficult concepts, hopefully in a way that people can understand.  A low-level approach yes, but my guide does not shy away from explaining the complex concepts of DAX and hit them head-on. It seems there have been many resources and blogs written with the DAX developer in mind, but not much for people who just want to get on with their day job while still becoming competent users of DAX.”

Actually, when you look at it, there aren’t that many DAX books out there. So I hope that ours can find a place with all those Excel users that want to move up to Power BI and DAX. To help explain the concepts with real-world examples.

How to get it.

You can get “The Concise Guide to DAX” by signing up to our mailing list. We’ll then send you a link to download the PDF, plus access to all of the examples used in the book, so you can follow along and learn as you go. DAX is a living language that is added to and enhanced with each Power BI release, so we’ll send an email when we update “The Concise Guide to DAX” with new Power BI facilities. We’ll also send the occasional email you about other Power BI updates and when we run Power BI courses we’ll offer discounts to our mailing list members.

A New Year’s Resolution ?

Holiday time is a great opportunity to take some time learning something new, so may be the New Year will be a good time to master DAX in Power BI. Download our “Concise Guide to DAX” and start now.

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