Power BI Fundamentals


This course assumes no prior knowledge of Power BI and provides a full overview of the functions and features of the cloud-based service and desktop client.


The course content covers Data Sources and Visualisation, as well as giving an introduction to DAX. At the completion of the course the attendees should be able to produce Dashboards and Reports, share them with colleagues and others, manage the access to them, and consume them on IPads, Smartphones and other mobile devices

What you will learn

What is Microsoft Power BI?

  • Understanding the components of Power BI: -
  • Power Query, Data Modelling, Visualisations and Service.     

Visualisations using Power BI Desktop

  • Exploring Power BI Desktop.
  • Creating a variety of visualisations.
  • Using the Formatting and Analytics options.
  • Looking at the Slicer visual to filter data.
  • Controlling interactions between visualisations.
  • Creating and using Hierarchies and Drilldown.
  • Using the Filters Pane.
  • Understanding Implicit Measures.
  • Controlling summarisation.
  • Mapping geographic data.
  • Working with Custom visuals.

Publishing to Power BI Service

  • Publishing your Reports to PowerBI.com.
  • Creating and Customising Dashboards.
  • Sharing Reports and Dashboards with others.
  • Using Q & A for interactive data searching.

Connecting Services to Power BI

  • Connecting to a variety of cloud-based data sources
  • including OneDrive,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Salesforce etc.

Creating a Data Model in Power BI

  • Importing a variety of data sources into Power BI.
  • Using Model View.
  • Creating and managing relationships.
  • Understanding the Star Schema.

Creating Measures using DAX

  • Understanding what Measures are.
  • Introduction to Filter Context.
  • Working with a variety of simple DAX functions:

Using Power Query in Power BI Desktop

  • Understanding the role of Power Query in data import.
  • Cleaning and filtering data.
  • Exploring a variety of data transformations.

Power BI Licencing

  • Understanding the different Power BI licences.
  • Differences between Pro and Premium licences.

App Workspaces

  • Using Workspaces.
  • Using organisation Apps.
  • When to use Workspaces and Apps.

Data Refresh

  • Types of data refresh.
  • Manually refreshing data.
  • Requirement for a Gateway.
  • Scheduling automated refresh.

Using Power BI on Mobile Devices

  • Using Power BI on Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Features and functions of the mobile client.