Power BI Advanced


This course covers more challenging aspects of Microsoft Power BI.


You will learn about the Data Model, its structure and function and how to share it as a Certified or Promoted Dataset. You will work with more advanced DAX functions such as CALCULATE to learn how it can modify filter context.

Using complex Queries for data load, bookmarks and buttons for visualisations, together with App Workspaces and Dataflows you will learn how to create Data Analysis systems that can be shared and used throughout your organisation to provide real data insights and Business Intelligence.

To get the most from this course

You should have attended our 2-day Power BI Fundamentals course or be a competent Power BI user.

What you will learn

Working with Data Models in Power BI

  • Importing a variety of data sources into Power BI Desktop.
  • Working with Model layouts
  • Creating Many-to-One relationships.
  • Understanding the Data Model.
  • Understanding the importance of Star Schemas.
  • Exploring Outer Joins, inactive relationships and bi-directional filtering     
  • Creating Certified or Promoted Datasets 

Creating DAX Measures

  • Understanding Implicit Measures.
  • Controlling summarisation in Implicit Measures.
  • Looking at explicit Measures.
  • Understanding Filter Context and Filter propagation
  • Working with a variety of DAX functions:

Advanced Visuals

  • Working with conditional formatting. 
  • Using DAX in conditional formatting.
  • Creating and editing Bookmarks
  • Using interactive buttons
  • Dynamic Tooltips in visualisations
  • The Key Influencers Visual

Row Level Security (RLS)

  • What RLS does
  • Creating basic Row Level Security
  • Dynamic Row Level Security based on User Login

Advanced Queries

  • Using the Merge and Append Queries options.
  • Using “Fuzzy” merge.
  • Using the Connection to Folder to append.
  • Using Unpivot, Transpose and Pivot transformations
  • Creating Query Parameters
  • Managing and editing Parameters
  • Using a List as input for Parameters
  • Understanding Disable Load

Power BI App Workspaces

  • Generating App Workspaces
  • Linking Workspaces with OneDrive
  • Sharing and Managing Workspaces
  • Creating Apps from Workspaces
  • Sharing and Managing Apps

Power BI Dataflows

  • What is a DataFlow ?
  • Generating and using DataFlows
  • Maintaining DataFlows

Data Refresh

  • Manually refreshing data.
  • When and Why to use a Gateway.
  • Creating, Scheduling and Managing Automatic Refreshing     .
  • Refreshing restrictions.

Power BI Governance

  • Power BI administration
  • Security restrictions in Governance
  • Statistics and Audit