Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are your trainers qualified to deliver IT Training ?
A. Yes. Our trainers are highly experienced and hold a number of different qualifications that ensure they deliver courses to a very high standard. Alison is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and holds the TAP accreditation in Delivery Skills. Stuart is an Associate Member of the LPI and a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Q. What if it's just me who needs to be trained - will it still cost the same?
A. Our day rate is the same for one-to-one training. You'll be receiving private tuition, which comes at a premium, whatever you're learning. If you think of one-to-one training as being the same as a consultancy session, you'll understand that it's cheap at the price.

Q. What is the maximum number of trainees that can attend an on-site course?
A. For on-site courses, we always recommend a maximum class size of eight, but we leave this decision up to you. We can supply up to 8 delegate laptops (or up to 16 laptops if your require large numbers to be trained at one time). The ideal number of trainees on any IT course that combines cost efficiency with maximum learning is six.

Q. Do you run any public training courses?
A. Yes, we're now offering a number of instructor led courses in London, specifically for Power BI Service, you can find more details of these courses here.

Q. Do you use Freelance Trainers?
A. No. You'll get a highly experienced and qualified trainer who is an employee of Burningsuit Ltd. This means that you can discuss your training requirements with your trainer and this ensures the quality of the training that you will receive.

Q. Is your training day rate on a per delegate basis?
A. It depends. The day rate for on-site training is a single cost for up to 8 delegates. For our public courses, we charge on a per delegate basis.

Q. What will be required of me during a training course?
A. You will get the most out of our training courses if you come prepared to participate actively in learning new skills. Be prepared to ask questions and be asked questions by your tutor in turn.

Q. How will you ensure that I'll remember what I've learnt?
A. On all our courses, we give out laminated Quick Reference Guides which you'll find very useful for reminding yourself what you learnt on a course. After your training, you can phone or email us a question and we'll be more than happy to answer it for you.

Q. Will I be able to practice my new skills before I leave the Training Course?
A. Yes. All our courses have ample hands-on sessions, structured exercises and workshops as part of the learning process.

Q. Will I have to bring anything to the training course?
A. Only your thinking cap! We supply pads, pens and laminated Quick Reference Guides.