Meet Us

Stuart Box // Director

Stuart is the Owner/Trainer/Dogsbody behind Burningsuit Ltd; he is a Member of the Learning and Performance Institute and a Microsoft Certified Professional. He delivers training for Burningsuit specialising in Microsoft Power BI Service, SharePoint and Office 365, but can train on most Microsoft applications and a number of esoteric subjects such as Ubuntu Linux and Python Programming.

Stuart began working in Information Technology when Computers were bigger than your living room but had less power than your mobile phone. He has progressed through all the jobs you can legally do in IT from Operator to Programmer, Systems Analyst, Manager and Technical Director. He managed a group of 50 programmers at the American computing giant Unisys but left to save his home county of Sussex from the ravages of the year 2000 bug. He started Burningsuit in August 2000 to provide help for organisations to make the best use of IT in Business. His combination of both practical Business and Technology skills has kept Burningsuit successful. As one of his clients was kind enough to put it:-

A partial list of companies that Stuart has personally assisted with Consultancy or Training include Linklaters, Specsavers, BP, Tandberg, John Wyllie and Company, The Learning and Performance Institute, A J Walter Aviation, The NAAFI and Doughty Hanson.

Stuart has been hugely influenced by Colin Steed, Roger Courville, Garr Reynolds, Lawrence Lessig, Leo Laporte, Guy Kawasaki, Nancy Duarte, Fred Brooks Andy Bounds and Douglas R Hofstadter. As a result he is passionate about teaching people there is much more they can do with the magical devices we call Personal Computers than just adding up a list of numbers or putting a bulleted list of ten points on a slide.

Outside work, Stuart is an accomplished amateur Stage Director. A production of "The Mikado" he directed won the award for "Best Traditional Production" at the Buxton International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in August 2011.

Alison Box // Director

Alison joined Burningsuit in February 2001. Previously employed as a senior trainer with a major training company, she has over 30 years experience of IT training, twenty of which have been in Microsoft Applications.

Alison is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute, an Institute Certified Training Professional and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. She also holds the Training Foundation's TAP Accreditation in Training Delivery Skills.

Alison's introduction to computers came when, as a software technical author, she had to lean to use TIPE-990, an early word processor on a Texas Instruments Mini Computer. Alison mastered this word processor so well that she was sent out to train others on it, and there started her computer training career.

She has an in-depth knowledge of all Microsoft's applications and regularly delivers courses in these to all levels of ability, as well as training in bespoke software. Her specialist areas are Microsoft Power BI Service, DAX and Excel PowerPivot and she also works as a data analysis consultant in these systems.

When not working, Alison is a keen amateur actress and also likes to go running.