New Book “Facilitating Live Online Learning” by Colin Steed

By Stuart Box

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Returning from my summer break, this book was waiting for me in the post. I’d known that Colin was working on this book for some time and its now published and available.

[Full Disclosure: Colin is a colleague and friend; I deliver the Certified Online Learning Facilitator courses on behalf of the IIT, but receive no income from this book]

If Live Online Training is to realise so many potential costs savings and efficiencies and to grow to become a significant method of Training delivery, then it needs skilled Online Trainers and Facilitators. The Institute of IT Training has been addressing this need for a year now with its “Certified Online Learning Facilitator” course, and now Colin Steed, the moving force behind the course has distilled his knowledge into this paperback book.

Colin really knows his stuff; way back in 1998 he wrote a book “Web Based Training” one of the first to explore the potential of training staff over the then new medium of the Internet. He is the Chief Executive of the IITT and is still very much a hands-on trainer and training designer. He designed and delivers the Online Learning Facilitator course for the IITT, as well as blogging and running webinars on all aspects of Live Online Training.

His new book offers practical advice for anyone who delivers Training over the internet, using tools such as WebEx, GoToTraining, Microsoft Live Meeting or Skype. Many of his insights also apply not just to Training, but also to Sales and Marketing delivered online. He clearly identifies the Role and Skills of the Online Learning Facilitator, and is especially strong on the visual design required for an engaging online learning experience.

The book takes you through the steps required to become a better Online Facilitator, Trainer, Marketer or Salesman; clearly describing how to design your content, communicate with your participants, facilitate the session and maximise the participant engagement.

If you are thinking of doing any type of Online Knowledge Transfer, currently delivering online courses or webinars; or simply want to learn what is best practice in live Online learning then this is the book for you.

You can order the paperback here, Kindle and e-book versions will be available shortly

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