New Power BI feature, embed reports securely in Web Pages

By Stuart Box

Power BI in Practice

We know that we’ve been able to publish Power BI reports to the web for some time. It’s a good feature, allowing us to publish our “Strictly Come Dancing” report so anyone can access it. But that’s also the flaw in publish to Web, anyone can access, it effectively makes the whole report public property. It doesn’t matter that you put the link on a secure intranet page, publish to web hosts the reports on a publicly facing web server. One that it crawled by web search engines and that can be searched by anyone. If you doubt this try typing  “ burningsuit” into google to find our public reports, or worse still try “ confidential”! So it’s no surprise that many Power BI administrators remove that option.

New feature Embed Report.

But now a new feature is available for Power BI reports, “Embed Report” when you use this, report owners get a link or some html iframe code that they can embed into their web pages.

This links to the report but requires the user log in to Power BI to view it!, see the example below…

 (Note you’ll only actually see the report if you log in with a Burningsuit Training account, or access this web page from a Burningsuit Training account machine.)
Embedding like this has a whole bunch of benefits:

  • Reports are secure, requiring a Power BI account login to access.
  • Reports are not crawled by web search engines.
  • Reports can use “Row Level Security” to filter the report by user login.
  • Report don’t have to be accessed via the Power BI web app (

So if you want to share Reports with others, you can embed them in your own web or intranet pages, and ensure that only those who should have access to the report get access.

Benefit from expert training

At Burningsuit we have years of experience in providing expert, well-rated training courses in both Power BI and Excel. We are adept at providing the information and skills you need to make the most of this software and your data and offer courses across London and the UK.

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