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For 10 years Burningsuit have been leaders in providing Microsoft Power BI consultancy services and training. Contact us today on 0800 0199 746 to configure and deploy Microsoft Power BI and its associated technologies within your business to its full potential.  

As Power BI consultants we have a long background in business intelligence and data visualisation software and are always up to speed with best practices and the latest Power BI functionality. Starting from the very early days of Excel’s PowerPivot through to Microsoft Power BI Service, we work with the most recent enhancements, such as Composite Data Models, Dataflows and the Power Platform.

Together, we can deploy Power BI within your business to better visualise data, improve efficiency, reduce the burden on IT, and empower staff to use the tool effectively, all with your key business goals in mind.

Contact us today whether you use Power BI currently and need to improve its implementation, or are questioning if you should use the platform and how you can build a strategy to get the most benefit.

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Power BI consulting services

We offer a complete consultancy service where our Power BI trainers work with you and your business to provide guidance and assistance through every part of the process. Whilst consulting will be tailored, our services include:

  • Deployment of Power BI
  • Integration of your systems
  • Audit and improvement of existing Power BI implementations
  • Construction of customised reports and dashboards
  • Providing expert online Power BI training

Combined, our Power BI consulting services will give you the solutions you and your company need to better analyse data to meet your business intelligence objectives successfully

Deployment of Power BI

We’ll take the time to get to know your business including its key data processes, business goals and KPIs. We can help with your adoption of Microsoft Power BI by firstly providing in-depth research into your company’s existing data structure, identifying problem areas and bottlenecks, and then providing solutions to such problems.

This can include looking at data analytics in real time, data sources, analytics, dashboards and user management.

Integration of your systems

We can use Power BI to connect to your existing disparate data systems such as:

  • SAP
  • High Jump
  • SQL databases
  • Excel

Once accessed, we can integrate these to provide a coherent and comprehensive repository for your data. We have many years of experience in data modelling in Power BI desktop including cleansing and transforming data using Power Query and Dataflows. We can also create all the calculations you require for your data using advanced DAX programming.

Building your customised reports and dashboards

Working closely with you and with your end users in mind, we will design and create your reports and dashboards, customising these to ensure you get 'one version of the truth', that answers your specific business questions to empower you to make smarter business decisions.

We have helped many organisations harness the benefits of Power BI reporting by implementing interactive easy-to-use reports and dashboards comprising rich visualisation, charts and graphs.

Learn more about our work by reading our case studies.

Providing expert online Power BI training

As training experts, we can provide training appropriate for all the varied levels of users, from the IT staff and data analysts to consumers of the reports. As part of our Power BI consulting we will ensure all your staff have the necessary skills to take advantage of the Power BI software so they become more productive and efficient in reporting on their data and will therefore enhance your business.

Why choose Burningsuit for Power BI consultancy?

  • Over 30 years experience in Microsoft Power BI and the Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and associated technologies)
  • Experience of many different industries, Financial, Insurance, FMCG, Logistics, Construction, Membership, Civil Service, Charities and not-for-profits to name a few
  • Professional ongoing support to meet your business objectives
  • Hands on, precision training delivered online or on-site

Our expert consultants understand that interpreting your data effectively is the key to driving performance and making informed business decisions.  We also appreciate that most organisations don’t fully understand their existing data processes as they often reside in diverse systems with access restricted to specific individuals. The tools for leveraging and connecting to this data are often fraught with problems and so reporting is often piecemeal, incomplete and duplicated.

Microsoft Power BI can help unlock this data and bridge the gap between your IT experts and your organisation’s decision makers, bringing enhanced insights and presenting your data in an interactive and meaningful way. However, the roadmap from taking your data systems as they currently stand to implementing a complete cloud-based Power BI reporting system where end users can find compelling insights through dashboards and custom reports can be a rocky one. This is where we can help.

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At Burningsuit we are ready to help your business in the successful use of the Power BI platform as an investment in your future success. To learn more about your company, your needs as a company and how we can supply the best solutions, we offer a free initial meeting, which can be over Microsoft Teams, a Zoom meeting or a phone call.

Call 0800 0199 746 or complete our contact form to arrange a free, no obligation initial meeting.

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