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Burningsuit Strictly Come Dancing

By Burningsuit

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Power BI is a very powerful tool that is able to extract and analyse a wide range of data and produce easy to understand interactive dashboards and reports.

With that in mind, we have put together a report that collates a range of different data from the popular TV programme, Strictly Come Dancing!

Strictly Come Dancing in Power BI

What our report includes

Our report analyses a range of data, such as:

  • “Does Craig really give the lowest scores?”
  • “How many men have won the Glitter Ball, but who gets consistently higher scores?”
  • “What’s the best dance to get a high score?”
  • “What’s the best music for a high scoring dance?”
  • “Who’s best to win Strictly, a Presenter, an Actor, a Singer or a Sportsperson?”
  • “Are this year’s scores higher, or lower than average?”
  • “How many times did Len give a 10?”

Take a look at our report and discover the answers to some of the questions above, plus more interesting insights into the world of Strictly Come Dancing!

Over the next week, we will be updating this with each episode, up until the 2018 final. So check back for up-to-date stats on Strictly Come Dancing.

About this report

We created this report on Microsoft Power BI using public data from sources such as Wikipedia, the BBC website and our own spreadsheets. We used Microsoft Power BI to collate all the data and analyse it so that we could create intuitive and interesting dashboard to display our findings.

At Burningsuit, we offer a wide range of Microsoft courses for end-users that cover all aspects of Power BI and Excel, as well as offering consultancy and implementation advice. We also offer training in a range of other Microsoft applications, including Office 365 and Sharepoint.

If you’d like to find out more about our services, or would like a copy of this report as a PBIX (Power BI Desktop File) then please get in touch.

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