Microsoft Power BI Visualisations Course

Microsoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence analytics service that gives you a comprehensive view of your most critical business data. In Power BI Desktop, you can build reports by creating a wide range of interactive data visualisations. By attending our 1-day Microsoft Power BI Visualisations course, you will learn how to design these interactive visualisations so you can create reports that allow you to interact with your data and find business insights relevant to you.

1-day Microsoft Power BI Visualisations course. Attendees do not need any prior knowledge of Power BI.

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Microsoft Power BI Visualisations Course Outline - DURATION: 1 - DAY

Exploring Power BI Desktop

  • Viewing the variety of data sources available.
  • Working with the Fields and Visualisations Panes.
  • Using Data View to sort and format data.

Creating Visuals

  • Adding visualisations to the Report Canvas
  • Creating column, bar, pie and line chart visuals Controlling interactions between visuals.
  • Adding Text Boxes and Shapes to a Report
  • Using the Report Grid and alignment options.

Formatting Visuals and Themes

  • Using the Formatting Pane.
  • Looking at a variety of formatting options.
  • Understanding how Themes are applied.
  • Creating your own Themes.

Working with the Analytics options

  • Using Constant lines on Column and Bar charts
  • Inserting, Maximum and Average Lines.
  • Forecasting in a Line Chart.

Using Visual, Page & Report Level Filters

  • Applying Visual Level and Page Level Filters.
  • How Basic and Advanced Filters differ.
  • Looking at the TopN filter.

The Slicer Visual

  • Looking at the Slicer Visual to filter data.
  • Changing the orientation of slicers.
  • Using Select All options.
  • Using List and dropdown options
  • Displaying a Search Box

Working with Hierarchies

  • Using the automatic Date Hierarchy
  • Creating and using explicit Hierarchies.
  • Understanding implicit Hierarchies
  • Using Drill-Down and Drill-Through on visualisations.

The Table and Matrix Visuals

  • Understanding the importance of Table Visuals.
  • Understanding Implicit Measures.
  • Controlling summarisation.
  • Working with conditional formatting.

Importing Custom Visualisations

  • Browsing the Office Store for Custom Visuals.
  • Working with the InfoGraphic Visual and a variety of other custom Visuals.

Working with Geographic Data

  • Exploring how geographic data can be used in visuals.
  • Creating the Map and Filled Map Visuals
  • Using ArcGIS Maps.

Advanced Visualisation Features

  • Using Measures in Visualisations.
  • Using the Gauge visual
  • Understanding the KPI visual.
  • Using Clusters in a Scatter Chart.
  • Grouping data and controlling “bins” on numeric data.

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