Strictly Come Dancing Series 17; Report Version 2 is Here!

By Alison Box

Power BI in Practice

As I keep telling people and as I’ve said in previous blogs, I’m not a “Strictly” fan, I just happen to love the data and all the insights into it that Power BI can give you.

So it had to be done; to update the report to include analysis for the latest series; Series 17. I’ve also taken the opportunity to completely re-vamp the original and many of the existing pages have been re-designed. I’ve added quite a few new insights too. Check out the detailed analysis of the Professionals’ performance, or how I’ve identified the Record Holders. I’ve also added a table showing all the Judges individual scores across all series (in the Judges Scores Table).

But back to Series 17. What does the report conclude about this Series; was it better or worse than previous series and was Kelvin a worthy winner?

Series 17; Better or Worse than other Series?

Well, we can say that it was better than some but worse than others. Pretty average in fact: –

And here’s another view of the same story, although Series 17 did get the 3rd most number of 10’s: –

With regard to being worse than other Series, well here we have an interesting insight. if we look at the number of low scores given, Series 17 had by far the most of these ever, 26 scores of 3 or less:-

But to offset these low scores, both Kelvin and Karim ended up in the top 20 contestants of all time, ranked 7 and 12 respectively:-

Did the Public Get it Right?

So Kevin was voted the winner of the competition, leaving Karim and Emma as Finalists. Chris got to the semi-final. But did the pubic vote for the worthiest contestants?

We can see from the visuals below that Kelvin did indeed get consistently better scores than the others so deserved to be voted the Winner. Karim was more inconsistent and had a bit of a bumpy ride through the competition. It may be that both Emma and Chris didn’t necessarily get through on merit but only because they were favourites with the public.






How to:

Alison Box one of our trainers takes you through the key influencers visual in Power BI using data from Strictly Come Dancing:

Here is how to use the key influencers visual in Power Bi:

And finally, how the key influencers visual can be used to analyse the Strictly Come Dancing data:

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