The great Office 365 Turn Off

By Stuart Box

Cloud Microsoft Office 365

After nearly twelve years I’ve finally been able to turn our Server off, permanently!

Most businesses need a server, something that collects and redistributes email, stores files, manages users and communications, stuff like that, and we are no exception.

Our first server, way back in 2000 was a second-hand laptop, running Linux that ran “sendmail” and other arcane Linux applications. That “server” sat in the loft and just about managed our email and internet.

Back in those days, we had a dial up modem connection to the web, and the Linux machine allowed about four users to share a 9600 baud connection.

I quickly realised that wasn’t going to be good enough, and upgraded to Microsoft Small Business Server 2000, and an ISDN line to the Internet. Those were heady times, I was learning SBS 2000, and Microsoft Exchange and had a few problems. A couple of times I managed tlosese all of our email messages, I still remember the cold prickling of fear as I realised that three months of email history was gone.

Once I started on the Microsoft Small Business Server range, things moved on, up to SBS 2003, then SBS 2007, with a Dell server, Uninterupptible power supply and an ADSL line.

The Server needed careful care and feeding. I had to worry about patch installation, email security, viruses, backup, and all the problems of keeping a system running twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, because of course, when you start with a server you quickly come to rely on it, and any outage is an inconvenience.

But now I don’t have to worry about things like that. We’ve finally moved to Microsoft Office 365. We’ve implemented Microsoft Office 365 and our “server” is now in “The Cloud”. Our Email, Data Files, applications and communications are all handled by cloud based systems. I can at last concentrate on the business rather than worry about keeping a server running. Cloud based systems may not be for everyone, but for ou/microsoft-office-365/r business it seems a great fit.

Contact us if you want to know more about Office 365 and cloud based systems, we’d be happy to share our experiences with you.

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