Why Power BI Training Courses in London Could Benefit You

Power BI Training in London

By Burningsuit

Learning Power BI in Practice Training

Power BI is an essential tool that many businesses use to get insightful reports on a range of different important metrics. Whilst it’s extremely useful, it has a lot of functions that can be complicated to initially understand.

Attending a Power BI training course can be extremely beneficial and help you and your team to improve on your skills and data analysis. At Burningsuit, we run a range of public courses in London across the year to help users of all levels improve their Power BI skills.

Our courses vary from beginner level to advanced and even include Power BI and DAX, as well as other Microsoft courses.

Discover the benefits of attending one of our public Power BI courses below:

Expand your knowledge

No matter what your skill level, attending a public Power BI training course will help you to expand your knowledge of the platform and use it far more efficiently and effectively.

In our fundamentals course, we cover all of the basics of the platform, teaching you:

  • best practices
  • how to create data rich reports
  • introducing you to some of the more complicated topics such as DAX

Attending this course will give you an in depth and well rounded knowledge of exactly how the platform works and how to use it to give you the best results.

Our advanced courses are for those who are looking to really delve into the platform and gain a far more developed and refined understanding of its tools.

Attending a training course will allow you to really get to know the platform, how to use it efficiently and discover new areas which can help your company understand its data. When applied at work, it will lead to better, qualified conclusions on the data which can be highly profitable.

Meet like minded individuals

Public Power BI training courses tend to be filled with professionals from a range of industries that are looking to get to grips with the platform.

Networking with other individuals on these courses could not only be beneficial to your company, it can be insightful to see how they are utilising the platform. Discussing the uses for Power BI with other like minded companies can help to give you ideas on ways you can improve your reporting and dashboards.

Ask relevant questions

Our Power BI courses are run by fully qualified, expert trainers with all of the latest, up-to-date information on the platform. This means we are able to offer any help on questions you may have and help you understand the best way to undertake a task on the platform.

Whilst our training sessions tend to follow a plan and a structure, they can be led by what attendees would like to know more about, so we can always help you gain further knowledge in a certain area that would be beneficial to you.

Get a feel for training

One of the most common things we notice at our Power BI courses is that a lot of attendees use the public course to try out Power BI training and get a feel for it. The majority of attendees then go on to book private, on-site sessions with us to get a completely tailored experience alongside their colleagues.

Read how this was the case for London based Berry Bros. & Rudd.

Our on-site private courses are completely customisable, we are extremely flexible and can cater to any schedule when it comes to your training. Whether you need only a few sessions or would like 20 sessions with staff members of varying skill levels, we can accomodate you.

If there are certain topics you would like to cover, we plan our content around your needs, so can train you on any aspect of the platform.

Book into one of our Power BI training courses

If you are interested in booking onto our next public course, visit our page on our Power BI training to see the latest dates. If you would like to find out more about private training, give our team a call on 0800 0199 746.

Whether you attend one of our public courses or you are interested in a private one, we provide all of the equipment and licences needed, so all you need to do is bring yourself.

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