Whether you book a consultancy engagement or a training course in Power BI or other Microsoft applications with Burningsuit Ltd, you will benefit from the expertise and knowledge of our excellent team.

Each engagement will be led by one of us. Together we have over 50 years consulting and training experience, ensuring you benefit from an insightful, engaging and game changing intervention.

Meet us below and learn more about our consultancy services and how we train.


  • Founder of Burningsuit Ltd
  • A Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Specialist practical and technology skills make him a leader in Power BI training courses

Who is Stuart?

Stuart is the owner and main trainer behind Burningsuit Ltd; he has many years experience in IT and Software and is a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Training specialisms

He delivers training for Burningsuit specialising in Microsoft Power BI Service, SharePoint and Office 365, but can train on most Microsoft applications and a number of esoteric subjects such as Ubuntu Linux and Python Programming.

Career background

Stuart began working in Information Technology when computers were bigger than your living room but had less power than your mobile phone. He has progressed through most of the jobs you can do in IT, from Operator to Programmer, Systems Analyst, Manager and Technical Director. He managed a group of 50 programmers at the American computing giant Unisys but left to save his home county of Sussex from the ravages of the year 2000 bug.

He started Burningsuit in August 2000 to provide help for organisations who wanted to make the best use of IT in their business. His combination of both practical business and technology skills has meant Burningsuit are a leading training provider for bespoke IT courses.

As one of his clients was kind enough to put it:- “The combination of understanding both of business and how IT relates to business is rare; having both, and using it to client advantage, is worth loads.”




  • Member of Burningsuit Ltd since 2001
  • A Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Over 30 years training experience

Who is Alison?

Alison joined Burningsuit in February 2001. Previously employed as a senior trainer with a major training company, she has over 30 years’ experience of IT training, 20 of which have been in Excel, Power BI and other Microsoft Applications.

Training specialisms

Alison is an expert in DAX and in producing Custom Visualisations with Charticulator, she is the author of two books, "Up and Running with DAX for Power BI" and "Introducing Charticulator for Power BI" both published by Apress, and available from Amazon.


She also holds the Training Foundation's TAP Accreditation in Training Delivery Skills.

Career background

Having previously trained extensively in Excel PowerPivot and DAX (Data Analysis Expressions), the transition into Microsoft Power BI training five years ago was a logical step to make for Alison. Although still delivering training in Excel, her specialist areas are Power BI Desktop and DAX and she also works as a data analysis consultant in these systems.




  • Background in big data
  • Experienced in data visualisation
  • Certified Professional Scrum Master
  • Specialist focus on Power BI training and consultancy

PSM Alan

Who is Alan?

Alan is the latest member of Burningsuit and has a background in big data and scientific data visualisation. His role will be to provide training and consultancy in Power BI and related technologies.


Alan combines both technical expertise of software development with an in-depth knowledge of data modelling and data analysis and will be a great asset as Burningsuit Ltd moves forward into the Power BI consultancy arena.

Career background

Alan, who holds a master’s degree in Astrophysics from Cardiff University, has previously worked as a software developer and Scrum Master and has a passion for all things data.

In his former role as a consultant at CGI, a multi-national IT business and consulting service, he was responsible for designing and building data and analytics solutions for a range of governmental departments and agencies. Prior to that, he worked on data visualisation within AWE’s supercomputing department, assisting the scientific and technical user community with their visualisation needs along with developing and improving their visualisation systems to deal with large scale complex data.

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