Learn how to take your Power BI skills to the next level in our two-day instructor-led course.

What you'll learn
  • How to create custom hierarchies, use drillthrough, and add custom visualisations to your reports
  • Find out how Power Query can clean and re-shape your data to suit your reporting needs
  • Get to grips with DAX filter context and filter propagation, the CALCULATE function, and learn how to use DAX to control conditional formatting.
  • Understand how to collaborate with App Workspaces, de-mystify Gateways and control access with Row Level security
  • Learn how to create next-level reports using Bookmarks and tooltip pages to create an app-like experience for your reports
Who this course is for

This course is for anyone looking to level-up their Power BI skills. Ideally, you’ll have taken our Power BI: Fundamentals course or used Power BI on a regular basis for a couple of months: you’ll already understand

  • How to get data into Power BI and generate simple visualisations from that data
  • What DAX is and have probably created a few measures of your own
  • How to publish a Report to the Power BI Service and be able to share that report with a colleague
  • How to open the Power Query editor and make simple transformations to your data
  • How to create relationships between tables in the data model
Course details

Recap – the four parts of Power BI

Report creation

  • Using small multiples
  • Creating custom hierarchies and using drill down
  • Understanding the Matrix visualisation
  • Creating a drillthrough
  • Working with themes
  • Adding custom visualisations
  • The Key Influencers visualisation

Power Query

  • Working with multiple queries
  • Restructuring data with Power Query
  • Dealing with cell-level errors
  • Data modelling best practice


  • Creating calculated columns and understanding row context
  • Understanding filter context and filter propagation
  • Creating measures with a variety of DAX functions:
  • Conditional formatting using DAX

Power BI App Workspaces

  • Generating app workspaces
  • Sharing and managing workspaces
  • Creating apps from workspaces
  • Sharing and managing apps

Data Refresh

  • Manually refreshing data.
  • When and why to use a gateway
  • Creating, scheduling and managing automatic refreshing 
  • Refreshing restrictions

Introduction to Row Level Security

  • Static RLS

Next-level reports

  • Creating and editing bookmarks
  • Using interactive buttons
  • Page navigation
  • Using bookmarks and grouping to create consumer-customisable reports
  • Tooltip formatting and tooltip pages