In our Power BI: Fundamentals course, you’ll learn the basics of every part of Power BI, Microsoft’s interactive data visualisation and self-service business intelligence platform in our two-day instructor-led course.

What you'll learn
  • How to bring data into Power BI and generate interactive visualisations from it
  • How to publish your report to the cloud-based Power BI Service and how to use the service to share that report with your colleagues
  • The basics of data modelling, how you can bring together different sources of data into one coherent whole
  • How to enrich your data with calculations using DAX, the formula language at the heart of Power BI
  • How to use Power Query to clean and filter your data before reporting on it
  • How all the parts of Power BI work together in context
Who this course is for

This course is for anyone who wants to get to grips with Power BI and start producing and sharing interactive reports and dashboards. No experience of Power BI is required.

Course details

What is Power BI?

Creating your first Power BI Report

  • Connecting to a data source
  • Creating a variety of visualisations (bar charts, pie charts etc.)
  • Formatting your visualisations
  • Looking at the Slicer visualisation
  • Conditional Formatting and Analytics options
  • Refreshing your data

 Enriching your first Power BI Report

  • Using Hierarchies and Drilldown
  • Using the Filters Pane
  • Understanding Implicit Measures
  • Controlling Summarisation Options

Publishing your report

  • Publishing your Report to the Power BI Service
  • Sharing, subscribing and commenting on Reports on the Service
  • Creating Reports in the Service from a published Dataset
  • Creating a Dashboard from many reports

Data Modelling

  • Bringing together many sources of data in the Data Model
  • Creating and managing Relationships.

Creating Measures using DAX

  • Understanding what Measures are
  • Working with a variety of simple DAX functions:- SUM, AVERAGE and COUNTROWS
  • Introduction to Filter Context.

More Visualisations

  • Mapping your data

Power Query

  • Understanding the role of Power Query
  • Cleaning and filtering data
  • Exploring a variety of data transformations

Power BI Service

  • Dashboards
  • Q&A and Ad Hoc Queries
  • Distributing & Sharing Dashboards and Reports
  • Integration with Teams
  • Power BI Workspaces
  • Refreshing & Managing Datasets

Power BI Desktop & Service in Context

  • Power BI Licensing, who can do what with which licence
  • How all the elements of Power BI work together

Smartphone Interface

  • How to consume reports, create alerts and more using your smartphone