Microsoft Power BI is a powerful system that can provide companies with many insights to their data but that data is of no use locked with an individual. To get the best from the many reports and dashboards that can be created with Power BI they need to be shared. This course looks at how that sharing can be accomplished, and the benefits of different sharing methods. Once the data can be shared the administration of that data becomes important. This course also looks at the admin function within Power BI, the security and auditing options and how they should be used.

To get the most from this course

Attendees should have a basic understanding of Power BI Service.

What you'll learn

Publishing to Power BI Service

  • Publish your Report to
  • Publishing methods and differences
  • How to share Reports and Dashboards with people both inside and outside your organisation.
  • Using Quick Insights.
  • Using Q & A for interactive data searching.

Power BI Workspaces & Apps

  • Benefits of using Workspaces and Apps
  • Creating Workspaces to manage access to Reports
  • Creating Organisation App
  • Using and Managing Apps

Data Refresh

  • Manually refreshing data.
  • Installing and using Personal Gateway.
  • Installing and using the Enterprise Gateway.
  • Creating a Scheduled Refresh.

Power BI Licensing

  • Looking at the different Power BI licences
  • Benefits and issues of the different licensing types

Administration and Security

  • Administration options in Power BI
  • Managing data movement
  • Auditing and Security

Using Power BI on Mobile Devices

  • Understanding the mobile client.
  • Tablet clients –Windows 10, iPad and Android.
  • Differences between iPhone, iPad and Android clients.