Microsoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence analytics service that gives you a comprehensive view of your most critical business data.  In Power BI Desktop, you can build reports by creating a wide range of interactive data visualisations.  

What you'll learn

Connecting to existing datasets

  • Viewing the variety of data sources available.
  • Working with the Fields and Visualisations Panes.
  • Using Data View to sort and format data.

Creating Visuals

  • Adding visualisations to the Report Canvas.
  • Creating column, bar, pie and line chart visuals Controlling interactions between visuals.
  • Using the Report Grid and alignment options.
  • Understanding the “Values” bucket.

Formatting Visuals

  • Using the Formatting Pane.
  • Looking at a variety of formatting options.
  • Using Constant lines on Column and Bar charts
  • Inserting, Maximum and Average Lines.
  • Forecasting in a Line Chart.

Using Filters Pane

  • Applying Visual Level and Page Level Filters.
  • How Basic and Advanced Filters differ.
  • Looking at the TopN filter.

The Slicer Visual

  • Looking at the Slicer Visual to filter data.
  • Changing the orientation of slicers.
  • Using List and dropdown options
  • Syncing Slicers across pages

Importing Custom Visualisations

  • Browsing the Office Store for Custom Visuals.
  • Working with the InfoGraphic Visual and a variety of other custom Visuals.

The Table and Matrix Visuals

  • Understanding the importance of Table Visuals.
  • Understanding Implicit Measures.
  • Controlling summarisation.
  • Working with conditional formatting.
  • Understanding Subtotals in the Matrix Visual

Working with Hierarchies

  • Using the automatic Date Hierarchy
  • Creating and using explicit Hierarchies.
  • Understanding implicit Hierarchies
  • Using Drill-Down and Drill-Through on visualisations.

Working with Geographic Data

  • Exploring how geographic data can be used in visuals.
  • Creating the Map and Filled Map Visuals
  • Using Custom Map Visualisations.


  • Understanding the use of Bookmarks
  • Creating and editing Bookmarks
  • Using interactive buttons to move to Bookmarks

Dynamic Tooltips

  • Setting up the Tooltip Page
  • How Dynamic Tooltips are used in visuals

Advanced Visualisation Features

  • Using the Gauge, Area Chart, Multi-Row Card Comparing values in a Clustered Column chart
  • Using Clusters in a Scatter Chart.
  • Grouping data and controlling “bins” on numeric data.