This course takes you from zero knowledge of Charticulator to being able to use this custom visual inside Power BI Desktop to design your own bespoke and vibrant visualisations.

What you'll learn
  • How to create exciting, challenging and complex visualisations that are impossible to generate using the default visuals of Power BI
  • How to work with the concepts that underpin the software
  • How to use the building blocks of the chart design, enabling you to combine these constituent parts in limitless ways
  • How to design any visual that best tells the story of your data
Who this course is for

This course is for anyone who wants to get to grips with generating customised visualisations inside Power BI using Charticulator.  No prior knowledge of Charticulator is required but a basic knowledge of Power BI desktop and particularly being able to build the default Power BI visuals would be an advantage.

Course details

Introduction to Charticulator

  • Importing Charticulator into Power BI
  • Understanding the interface
  • Create and save a simple chart 

Designing a Glyph & Generating Charts

  • Using marks, lines, symbols and text marks
  • Working with attributes
  • Designing glyphs
  • Binding data to attributes and axes to plot data
  • Using a numerical axis
  • Adding a 2D region plot segment
  • Working with plot segment sub-layouts
  • Using multiple categorical axes 

Understanding Charticulator’s Expressions

  • Understanding “d3-format”
  • Working with text and numeric expressions 

Charticulator Scales

  • Understanding scale properties
  • Using colour and numerical scales
  • Working with legends

Working with Multiple Plot Segments and Additional Glyphs

  • Designing composite charts
  • Looking at “Group by” and “Filter by” to visualize aggregations 

Understanding the Polar Scaffold

  • Creating pie charts
  • Binding categorical fields to polar axes
  • Using polar plot segment sub-layouts 

Plotting Multiple Measures

  • Understanding “wide” data
  • Using scales to plot multiple measures
  • Using a data axis
  • Creating a legend for wide data 

Using Charticulator’s Links

  • Linking categories & plot segments
  • Linking categorical and numerical line axes
  • Plotting glyphs on numerical line axes 

Integrating with Power BI

  • Working with Power BI interactions
  • Filtering a Charticulator visual
  • Highlighting a Charticulator visual