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Do you find that survey analysis is giving your team a headache? It’s a common challenge for data analysts but, through the use of Power BI, we were able to find a solution for audience research specialists Indigo Ltd – drastically improving their reporting and customer service.

The Challenge

For more than 10 years, Indigo Ltd has been running an Audience Experience survey for UK cultural organisations to send to their audiences after attending a production or event. Each year, the Indigo team produces a benchmark report which compares responses from individual organisations to an aggregated benchmark. 

With the launch of Indigo Share, and the potential for many more organisations to be using the product, the team knew that the current process for creating reports would be too manual, too time-consuming. On top of that, a growing data set and a desire to analyse it in different ways meant Indigo knew they wanted to use Power BI.

 How we Helped

First port of call was to design a focused data model aimed at examining the responses according to the metrics needed by Indigo. Using this tailored data model, we then created a dynamic and custom-built Power BI report to compare the survey results of each client against a baseline established from the data of all clients.

This solution allowed Indigo to provide customised reports to each one of their clients – more efficiently, more easily and more exactly. Alongside this, we implemented a streamlined workflow for Indigo to produce and distribute these reports to their clients. Indigo, in turn, are now able to focus on providing their clients with actionable insights.

The Outcome

After working with Burningsuit, Indigo Ltd are now able to generate a beautifully designed report comparing each client against the aggregated benchmark provide their clients with beautifully designed reports almost instant reporting, alongside insights and analysis of both their audience research surveys and sector-wide surveys.  

Follow-Up Training

To ensure Indigo Ltd continued to make the most out of their new reporting tools, their team took advantage of our Power BI: Fundamentals training, offered at a discounted rate to all our consultancy clients who are looking to expand their Power BI skills and knowledge. After all, we believe in building our clients skills so that they can confidently take ownership of any solutions we provide.

What they said

“Working with Burningsuit was exactly what we needed at the start of our Power BI journey. Alan drew on his experience of analysing survey data in Power BI to quickly understand what we needed, identify potential challenges and provide innovative solutions with a powerful data model."

“Alan’s approach is clear and straightforward, and the result is much improved reporting for our organisations and much better visibility of the data for us. We really appreciated the sense of partnership and collaboration during the project, and we look to an ongoing relationship with Alan and the rest of the Burningsuit team."

Flo Carr - Associate Director, Indigo Ltd

Flo Carr
Indigo Ltd
“Alan’s approach is clear and straightforward, and the result is much improved reporting for our organisations and much better visibility of the data for us"
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