Power Apps, Flow and Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful system that can provide companies with many insights to their data but that data is of no use when it’s locked with an individual. To get the best from the many reports and dashboards that can be created with Power BI, they need to be shared and discussed.

Our 2-day Power Apps, Flow and Power BI training course looks at how that sharing can be accomplished, and the benefits of different sharing methods. Once the data can be shared the administration of that data becomes important. This course also looks at the admin function within Power BI, the security and auditing options and how they should be used.

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Attendees should have a basic understanding of Power BI Service.

Power Apps, Flow and Power BI

Burningsuit are delighted to offer a PowerApps, Flow and Power BI course which will allow attendees to learn these Microsoft “Power Tools” , integrated with SharePoint Online to build a simple applications.

At the end of the course attendees will understand the capabilities of PowerApps, Flow and Power BI, together with how they integrate with SharePoint Online. Following this course attendees should be able to use these products to build simple data gathering Apps, use Flow to automate alerts and approvals and report on the data with Power BI. They should understand the SharePoint online environment and the GDPR implications of gathering and storing data with these tools.


This tool allows you to build apps fast, by choosing from a large selection of templates or starting from a blank canvas. You can then create your customised app by the drag-and-drop feature or using the text fields and image select to input the information you plan to use.

PowerApps can connect your app to data and use excel-like expressions to add logic. Once deployed, PowerApps can be accessed through the web, IOS and android devices.

When other app platforms stop, PowerApps will carry on going which means you can continue to build on the platform, allowing developers to extend the app’s capabilities.

Microsoft Flow

With Flow, you can integrate your favorite apps and services allowing you to synchronise files, collect data and get push notifications. This can increase productivity and save time because all of the information you need will be synced over multiple applications.

It also allows you to manipulate and manage file help online in systems such as OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint.

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Burningsuit is an established and trusted provider of high quality end-user training, specialising in Microsoft Power BI and Excel.

We offer both public and private courses tailored to suit your business or personal needs.

We keep in touch with all of our clients after they have attended courses to make sure they are using the content they received in the training course to its full potential.

Our service also means that clients can contact us with any queries about their Microsoft services at any time.

To register your interest in the PowerApps, Flow and Power BI training course, please contact us. For more information, please call 0800 0199 746.

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Course Syllabus Day 1

What is SharePoint, PowerApps, Flow and Power BI and how do they work together?

  • An overview of the tools to be used, what they can do, and the benefits they offer
  • Project overview – what we will be building

PowerApps Studio, connect to SharePoint data

  • An Introduction to PowerApps Studio
  • Connecting PowerApps to SharePoint

Create a Flow to manage Training approvals

  • An Introduction to Microsoft Flow
  • Creating an Approval flow
  • Other uses of Flow

Create SharePoint lists for integration with PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Power BI

  • An Introduction to SharePoint Online
  • Build the SharePoint lists required to store the data for this project

Generate an App to record Staff Training days

  • Generate an App from a SharePoint List
  • Review the App in PowerApps studio
  • Customise the App (Working with Forms, Galleries, Formulas etc.)
  • Time and Date Functions

Course Syllabus Day 2

More PowerApps

  • Creating an App without using an existing Template
  • Screens, Galleries and Forms
  • Formulas – Patch, Conditional Formatting etc.
  • Using PowerApps with no Data connection (Wireless)

Publishing and Sharing with Power BI

  • Publishing our report
  • Sharing Reports
  • Building Dashboards from Reports

Solution Walk-Through

  • Reviewing end-to-end through the integrated system
  • Other enhancements to the scenario

Reporting with Power BI

  • Introduction to Power BI Desktop and Service
  • Connecting to SharePoint list data
  • Building relationships between SharePoint lists
  • Creating a report based on the SharePoint data model

Create a Flow for Data Alerts in Power BI

  • Create an Alert in Power BI
  • Create an Flow that responds to the Alert

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