We could tell you but then……

By Stuart Box

Power BI Resources Training

We’ve been training Power BI since its first release. It’s an interesting application to learn, as the monthly updates mean there is always something new to master before training others. I’m staggered to find that there have been over 800 new features brought in to Power BI Desktop and Service since July 2015. I’ve often said, we have to run as fast as we can just to keep up with the release schedule.

But now we’ve got help.

Earlier this year I received an invitation from Microsoft to join the “Power BI Influencer Community” a private, invitation only group where Microsoft shares tools, early access, training aids and experiences of driving Power BI adoption.
In this group we get to see the new developments to Power BI before they are released, and are given regular presentations and information on the “Power BI Roadmap”, detailing upcoming developments and future releases.

Although much of this is under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) it’s wonderfully helpful for us, we can preview the new features to be released next month, learn them thoroughly and be ready with updated training presentations and exercises for when they get public release. Knowing the Power BI roadmap also means we understand the direction Microsoft is taking with BI, and (where allowed by the NDA) can share this with Clients.

So when you take Training or Consultancy from Burningsuit, you are getting a team that really understands Microsoft Power BI, knows where it’s going and are ready for the next release. We can help you make sense of the rapidly changing feature set, and capitalise on the new features and functions.
Yes, we could tell you what new features will be in Power BI next month, but then….

“It’s a state secret,” replied d’Artagnan, bluntly: “and as you know that, according to the king’s orders, it is under the penalty of death any one should penetrate it, I will, if you like, allow you to read it and have you shot immediately afterwards.” (Alexandre Dumas)


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