Burningsuit launches new website for Microsoft services

new website on screen

A new website

We enjoy very productive relationships, helping individuals and organisations to get the very best out of using Power BI and other Microsoft products. For some time we have been planning to update our website with a fresh look and enhanced navigation but the events of recent times and day-to-day work priorities put the project on the back-burner for a while. So we are delighted to report that we do now finally have a fresh new website.

Our website is our shop window, noticeboard and box office, so it is crucial it does these jobs well and looks good too

How we work with our clients 

We love working with our clients to deliver Microsoft BI and Excel training and consultation across a wide variety of sectors. As the world, our work-life arrangements and the demands on business evolve, we have tailored our services to meet the needs of our clients. Business is highly competitive and one of the most important pillars of efficiency is fast and effective use of software. Our training has always been very popular and we are now seeing an increase in demand for consultancy.

Microsoft produce great software and the power of BI can be transforming. How transforming is more often than not down to the way data is managed and visualised, the systems employed and, of course, the knowledge and efficiency of those using it. Our focus is to ensure our clients have the skills, models and support to recognise the full benefits.

Our team

Our team are data experts who are passionate about data visualisation and highly skilled in the deployment of Microsoft products. Our consultancy team brings technical and business insight that combines with our training team to bring 360 degree logic to your process, visualisation and operations.