Microsoft Power BI for Office 365, this is not your Father’s Spreadsheet


Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 is a fusion of tools designed to provide data analysis, visualisation, ad-hoc query and sharing of Excel data and spreadsheets. It brings together the “Power Tools” for Excel, Power QueryPower PivotPower View and Power Map, with cloud-based online facilities which allow you to view, store, share and query the dashboards you create with Excel and the Power tools.

It is not simply an add-on to Excel, but a radical enhancement of the data analysis tools you already know. Power BI for office 365 allows you to manipulate spreadsheets with millions of cells to produce intuitive data analysis with a rich set of charts, maps and dashboards.

Power BI for Office 365 is not your father’s spreadsheet!

Power BI is not

Power BI is

“These numbers are great, but what do they mean?”

“You can see the trend from these charts”

“Oh, sorry, you haven’t got the latest version of my spreadsheet”

“It’s great the spreadsheets are updated from the database automatically every day”

“I’d email you a copy of my spreadsheet but it’s too big for the email system”

“You can see the spreadsheet on your Ipad”

“Oh, you haven’t got Excel ? Sorry you can’t see the data”

“Just go to the Dashboard on SharePoint, even if you haven’t got Excel installed you’ll see all the information”

“You can see the sales by postcode region, but it doesn’t mean much”

“You can see the sales plotted on a map by postcode area”

“I’ve got a lot of useful spreadsheets, but I’ll have to keep them up to date and explain them to you”

“I’ve shared all my spreadsheets on Power BI, they update automatically, and you can select which charts you want to see”

“The database data isn’t in the right format for Excel, I’ll need to re-key it”

“Power Query imports the data and converts it to excel format automatically”


If you do any sort of data analysis on Excel. If you use Vlookup all the time, if you import data from databases into Excel (or re-key it!), if you need to share Excel spreadsheets or Dashboards, or simply if you need to get the most out of Excel and your corporate data….

You need Power BI for Office 365

Burningsuit consult and train on all aspects of Power BI for Office 365, we have a two-day Power BI course which is a great introduction to these new facilities. We also have courses on Office 365 , Sharepoint and Power Pivot. All of these courses can be customised and tailored to your needs,

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Excel is changing, are you ready for the change?

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