“Strictly Come Dancing” Power BI analysis

Yes, “Strictly Come Dancing” is with us yet again for the 21st Series! And yes, we’re crunching the numbers again not only on this series' contestants but also on the previous 20 series and the 294 other competitors who have danced over 2,000 dances since 2004. So, will this series be “the best ever” ? Will there be more 10’s and 40’s than before? Will Craig still be the lowest-scoring Judge? All these questions will be answered in this one Power BI Report. The only thing we can’t tell you is who will lift the Glitter Ball Trophy this year, but rest assured when the winner is announced we’ll update the data so you can see their personal "journey" through the competition.

Click to view the full “Strictly Come Dancing Statistics in Power BI”

If you like our Strictly Come Dancing report, or want to see any particular statistics we don’t already show leave a reply in the comments down below!

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