Why invest in Microsoft Power BI training?

Microsoft Power BI is a popular tool that enables the extraction and analysis of data to produce interactive reports and dashboards. Combined, the features of this business intelligence software help managers and users make more informed business decisions and increase productivity.

We provide the highest quality end-user training in these new transformative business tools. This enables everyone in your organisation to make the best use of Power BI and modern Excel facilities.

From better data analysis and effective visuals for decision making, Microsoft Power BI has the potential to significantly help productivity, strategy and ultimately profits when used correctly. By investing in our training courses which also offer after course support, you’re giving yourself and staff better tools to do their job and succeed.

Which training course is right for your business?

Our experts are adept at working with all different types of companies - from individuals to SMEs, corporates, Governmental bodies and large internationals - we can tailor courses to your specific needs and business goals.

Our public courses have the following outlines and focus on building skill sets that will have a positive impact of workflows and results.

Public or private training course?

Public (offsite) - Public courses take place at our central London training rooms at the citizenM Bankside Hotel. Dates are announced with plenty of time for individuals and teams to book onto.

Private (onsite) - Private courses take place on your premises and are tailored to your individual business needs. We organise these at a date and time that works best for you. These are available throughout the UK.

Overview - Power BI Fundamentals Course

  • No prior knowledge required
  • Ideal for Power BI rolls outs within businesses

Our fundamentals course is ideal for staff who are new to Power BI and would class themselves as beginners or near beginners. Perhaps you have been using the tool for a few months with no training and feel you aren’t getting the full potential of the software. If that’s the case, our trainers can definitely help.

It’s also perfect for teams with no experience in the tool. If a company is rolling out Power BI to new departments, this course would get everyone familiar with the tool and able to generate insightful reports, design dashboards and get an overview of all the features and functions in a practical, applicable way.

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Overview - Power BI Advanced Course

  • Prior knowledge required
  • Enhance skill sets to meet goals

Our Power BI Advanced Course is for users with some experience in Power BI and some confidence in the tool. Users should be familiar with calculated columns and measures and have an idea of what they want to achieve with the software moving forwards.

This course can be used as a refresh, to ensure teams have the same level of understanding, and to push staff to the next level to improve data analysis and outcomes with the tool. It would also be useful should you feel your use has stagnated or you haven’t had time to stay up to date with the latest improvements and upgrades.

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Why choose Burningsuit for Power BI courses in London?

Our trainers are experienced experts in Power BI training and as members of the Microsoft Power BI influencers group, we are one of the first to hear about updates and stay one step ahead of the game.

Having worked with Power BI since it’s launch 2014 we completely understand it’s uses and benefits and how it can positively impact businesses; we structure our training courses so you get the most out of the software.


  • Extensive world-class training in Microsoft Power BI Service, Excel and PowerPivot
  • Choice of public off-site or private courses, which can also be specifically created for your business needs
  • Highly experienced consultants in Power BI and can help with a specific implementation, or the rollout of Power BI across an organisation
  • Our regular public courses are in Central London, just a short walk from London Bridge Station
  • Active in the Power BI community with access to advanced information
  • A tailored approach to training, with staff on hand before and after a course

We specialise in Business Intelligence Software Training, concentrating on Microsoft’s Power BI suite, together with PowerPivot and Excel. We are IT professionals with many years’ experience of delivering training and consultancy to the highest standard over a wide range of end-user products, ensuring you receive world-class training.

Having worked and delivered training in Microsoft Power BI since its launch, we’re leading experts in this field. We were also one of the first companies to offer training in the Excel Power Tools; PowerPivot, Power Query and Power View.

Active in the Power BI community

To stay current in the changing world of BI, we’re active in the Power BI Community. We speak at user group events and are also members of Microsoft’s Power BI influencers group, getting advanced information on changes and enhancements to Power BI before they are generally available.

This means we always deliver training at the cutting edge of Power BI. Get in touch today and speak with our experienced staff who are always on hand for questions prior to your training and afterwards for ongoing support.


What are the prerequisites for the Power BI courses?

For our main course, we assume no prior experience the tool. Attendees should have a knowledge of Excel. Familiarity with Excel Pivot Tables and Functions like SUMIFS and VLOOKUP is useful, but not required.

For our advanced DAX and Power BI courses, we expect users to have some experience of Power BI and be familiar with simple calculated columns and measures.

Do we need a Power BI license?

No, we can provide up to 10 “Pro” licenses for use during the Training courses. Enabling attendees to publish and share reports and dashboards during the course.

Do you train the latest version of Power BI?

Yes, we keep up with the monthly updates and will train on new features as soon as they are available. Note that we do not normally train on ‘preview’ features until they are generally available but may do so if specifically requested.

What course materials do you provide?

We provide a comprehensive folder of course exercises, data and examples, together with relevant PDF documentation and manuals. We can provide this on a USB memory stick for your own use after the course for reference and practice

What after course support is there?

Following your training course, you will be encouraged to email your trainer with further questions and queries. We are happy to answer questions over email for up to a year after you have attended a course.

Payment options

Our online booking system accepts payment by Credit or Debit Card and PayPal. If you need to pay by Invoice select ‘Pay by Check’ on the booking and we will raise an invoice. If you make multiple bookings we can combine them together on to one invoice if required.

Looking for more information on our Power BI training services?

Don’t hesitate to speak with us today as we’ll be happy to help answer any questions you may have. Contact us using the form below or call us on 0800 0199 746.

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