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We have many years’ experience of training people how to use Microsoft Power BI. Up to now our training has all been face-to-face, either as open public courses in London or private on-site training. Obviously due to the current coronavirus restrictions this type of course is not possible, so we’re launching Live Online PowerBI training. Having had experience in online training in the past we’re confident that this will provide a first-class learning experience in these difficult times.

What is Live Online Training?

The first thing to say about our live online Training is that it’s not a webinar or video. You will connect live with us and we’ll run the course using tools like Zoom so you can see and chat with us. With these tools we’ll be able to share our screen view with you and use online chat, polls and discussions to create an interactive learning environment. You’ll be able to ask questions, get us to explain or go back over points again as required.

We’ve split our Power BI course up unto four segments outlined below. Then before and after the online segments you’ll have access to our Teams site which contains all the training files and resources used in the course and you can also ask questions over Teams. At the end of the course we’ll provide the video recording of all the online sessions and you’ll still be able to ask questions over Teams as you start to use the skills learned in the training.

What does the Power BI training cover?

Our Power BI training course is delivered over two days as four two and a half-hour sessions.

Session 1 / Day 1 - 10:00am to 12:30pm

Session 2 / Day 1 - 2:00pm to 4:30pm

What Is Power BI ?
Visualisations using Power BI Desktop
Creating a variety of visualisations
Using the Formatting and Analytics options
Looking at the Slicer visual to filter data
Controlling interactions between visualisations
Creating and using Hierarchies and Drilldown
Using the Filters Pane
Working with Custom visuals

Power BI Service
Publishing PBIX, XLSX and other files
Publishing differences
Sharing Reports & Dashboards
Working with Table Visuals
Understanding Implicit Measures
Controlling summarisation options
Working with the Data Model
Creating and Managing Relationships
More Visualisations
Mapping your data

Session 3 / Day 2 – 10:00am to 12:30pm Session 4 / Day 2 – 2:00pm to 4:30pm

Review Workshop Exercise
Creating Measures using DAX

Understanding what Measures are
Introduction to Filter Context.
Working with a variety of simple DAX functions: –
Using Power Query in Power BI Desktop
Understanding the role of Power Query
Cleaning and filtering data
Exploring a variety of data transformations

Power BI Desktop & Service in Context
How all the elements of Power BI work together
Power BI Licencing
Understanding the different Power BI licences.
Differences between Pro and Premium licences.
Power BI Service
Distributing & Sharing Dashboards and Reports
Workspaces & Power BI Apps
Refreshing & Managing Reports and Apps
Smartphone interface

What do you need to take part in live Online training?

The minimum requirement is to have a Laptop or PC and an internet connection! You can check your computer and internet is good enough for the online classroom by going to and trying the test meeting there. Additional refinements would be a headset and a second screen, but these are optional. You’ll probably also want to install Power BI Desktop if you don’t already have it on your machine and get a Power BI licence (Either Free or Pro). Other than that, you’ll need to be able to put the time aside when the sessions are running, ideally in a quiet space so you can concentrate. Our sessions are really interactive and you’ll be expected to interact, react and take part in the training.

You don’t need to know Power BI.

Our fundamentals course assumes no prior knowledge of Power BI, so long as you are a competent user of a PC, probably with a bit of Excel knowledge, we will take you through Power BI from the ground up. After the two-day course you’ll be able to create Power BI Reports and Dashboards from a variety of data sources, share those Reports and Dashboards with others. You’ll have a great introduction to the whole Power BI suite and its possibilities.

How can you register for Training?

You can see the schedule of online courses on our web-site at and register there. Online courses are £450.00 (+VAT) per person, please contact us for prices if you want 3 or more places.

If you want to run a private Online course

If you are a company with eight or more staff requiring Online Power BI training we will be happy to run private online session for your attendees. Contact us to discuss schedules and costs.

If you have any other questions

If you have any questions about any aspect of our service please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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