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New Book “Facilitating Live Online Learning” by Colin Steed

Returning from my summer break, this book was waiting for me in the post. I'd known that Colin was working on this book for some time and its now published and available. [Full Disclosure: Colin is a colleague and friend; I deliver the Certified Online Learning Facilitator courses on behalf of the IIT, but receive no income from this book] If Live Online Training is to realise so many potential costs savings and efficiencies and to grow to become a… Read More

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By Alison Box

FAQ Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 – Top 10 FAQ’s

From our experience, businesses are rapidly moving over to Microsoft Office 2010, in some cases "leapfrogging" versions and going from 2003 or even earlier releases straight to 2010. I've already blogged about our "12 Top Tips for 2010" and "Upgrade Help", but we're getting other questions as people get over the immediate change and start using it day to day. I thought I'd post the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions from attendees on our 2010 training courses, hopefully this will answer… Read More

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By Alison Box

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Twelve Top Tips for Office 2010

How are you getting on with Microsoft Office 2010? We think it's great, and are seeing an increasing number of clients implementing it in the last few weeks. It looks like 2011 will be the year of 2010! If you're new to Office 2010 or have just been migrated over to it, we thought we'd document our Twelve Top Tips for Twenty Ten. Remember we can also help with Office 2010 Upgrade training either On-site or Online. 1. Keep getting… Read More

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By Alison Box

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10 Reasons to train your staff

Ten reasons why training your staff is more important now than ever:- Training boosts morale. Staff members feel better and more motivated about working at your organisation if you show your belief that they can improve. Training emphasizes priorities. In financially straightened times, the needs of the current staff can be directed toward specific training. Training is cheap — certainly cheaper than recruiting and hiring new staff. Whatever the challenges your organisation is facing, reducing your training budget isn’t going… Read More