• Filtering Using DAX Measures
    17th August 2022
    A question that we are often asked is this; can you put a measure into a Slicer? The answer of course is no, only columns from tables can be populated into Slicers. The reason why this question so often arises is that most people see the Slicer as...
  • 7 Secrets of the Matrix Visual
    2nd August 2022
    Following the success of our Seven Secrets of the Matrix Visual blog post way back in 2019 , we've decided to revisit this topic and update our seven...
  • 7 Secrets to Learning DAX
    22nd July 2022
    Most people attempt to learn DAX like they learned Excel. They think they can just get to grips with a few formulas, perhaps even nesting a few...
  • Return of Face-to-Face Training
    13th July 2022
    Having adjusted and adapted throughout the pandemic years, it is a relief to everyone to feel the easing of restrictions and the return of life to...
  • Burningsuit launches new website for Microsoft services
    28th June 2022
    We enjoy very productive relationships, helping individuals and organisations to get the very best out of using Power BI and other Microsoft products.
  • Our Book - Introducing Charticulator for Power BI
    6th June 2022
    We're delighted to say that Alison's book "Introducing Charticulator for Power BI" is now available from most online bookstores. If you want to create...
  • Using a Continuous X-Axis on Column Charts for Year and Month Labels
    28th April 2022
    Ever wanted to do this on the x-axis of a Column chart… …that is use a continuous x-axis for Month and Year labels? A continuous x-axis is used for...